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Swedish Nektar™, the first LCHF Creamer™

Ever since we privately started drinking Bulletproof™ coffee and eating the LCHF way, we have been wanting to have some type of creamer to put in our coffee instead of the dangerous ones they have in stores now with hydrogenated oils in them. It was also too much of a hassle to bring the butter and coconut oil or MCT oil to work and then mix it.

We have tried for a long time to produce the creamer that we now call Swedish Nektar™ since it has a smooth taste of vanilla, carmel, dark chocolate or cinnamon and tastes so good that you can drink it right out of the bottle. Each serving will give you approximately 2 tablespoons of butter from grass fed cows and 2 tablespoons of coconut oil.

With the rise of the LCHF (Low Carb – High Fat) movement and Bulletproof™ coffee there has been a rising need for something that incorporates these two movements into the convenient and healthy coffee creamer. This creamer is called “Swedish Nektar”, Swedish because of the founder’s origin and recipe, and with its smooth taste it is like nectar in your coffee. The creamer can also be used in tea as well as hot cocoa.
Another health movement that is more and more popular all over the world, not only among the population but also among scientists and nutrition experts is that we should be eating more healthy butter and oils and go away from low-fat foods which, it seems, has been making us fatter with more diseases like diabetes over the last 50 years of promoting low-fat and whole grains.
Research has shown that eating butter effects our cholesterol in a way we didn’t anticipate and the studies show that eating butter actually raises the good (HDL) cholesterol and many patients have been able to get rid of their statin drugs, including myself.
With “Swedish Nektar” you will get enough butter and coconut oil that will give you satiety and energy that lasts for hours from each cup. Also when you get that amount of fats your hunger feelings will go away, hence eating less. Eating less = lose weight. People who do Intermittent Fasting (IF) for up to 72 hours have done it with just using our creamer as is or in coffee during that time.
With Swedish Nektar you will have the convenience of bringing your creamer to work, to coffee shops, anywhere you want and get a smooth nourishing cup of coffee each time.
Swedish Nektar does not contain any hydrogenated oils no artficial flavoring.

Our products will only be sold from this page to start with so come back often to check out or new divine products and come back to order more.

If you are interested in importing larger quantities, contact us.

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