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The bottle contains 2 fl. oz for $4.99 and will give you 30+ servings.


The pouch contains 4 fl. oz for $9.99 and will give you 60+ servings.


The pouch contains 6 fl. oz for $15.99and will give you 90+ servings.



The bottle contains 2 fl. oz for $4.99 and will give you 30+ servings.


The pouch contains 4 fl. oz for $9.99 and will give you 60+ servings.


The pouch contains 6 fl. oz for $15.99and will give you 90+ servings.

Using our coffee creamer instead of the chemical laden creamers out there with butter and coconut oil will give you a rich, creamy cup of coffee that is actually healthy for you.

NOTE: The creamers does not contain butter and coconut oil but you will get a substantial amount of fat from it. We recommend adding grassfed butter and coconut oil to your coffee.


Swedish Nektar™, the first LCHF Creamer™

Ever since we privately started drinking Bulletproof™ coffee and eating the LCHF way, we have been wanting to have some type of creamer to put in our coffee instead of the dangerous ones they have in stores now with hydrogenated oils in them. It was also too much of a hassle to bring the butter and coconut oil or MCT oil to work and then mix it.

We have tried for a long time to produce the creamer that we now call Swedish Nektar™ since it has a smooth taste of vanilla, carmel, dark chocolate or cinnamon and tastes so good that you can drink it right out of the bottle. Each serving will give you approximately 2 tablespoons of butter from grass fed cows and 2 tablespoons of coconut oil.

With the rise of the LCHF (Low Carb – High Fat) movement and Bulletproof™ coffee there has been a rising need for something that incorporates these two movements into the convenient and healthy coffee creamer. This creamer is called “Swedish Nektar”, Swedish because of the founder’s origin and recipe, and with its smooth taste it is like nectar in your coffee. The creamer can also be used in tea as well as hot cocoa.
Another health movement that is more and more popular all over the world, not only among the population but also among scientists and nutrition experts is that we should be eating more healthy butter and oils and go away from low-fat foods which, it seems, has been making us fatter with more diseases like diabetes over the last 50 years of promoting low-fat and whole grains.
Research has shown that eating butter effects our cholesterol in a way we didn’t anticipate and the studies show that eating butter actually raises the good (HDL) cholesterol and many patients have been able to get rid of their statin drugs, including myself.
With “Swedish Nektar” you will get enough butter and coconut oil that will give you satiety and energy that lasts for hours from each cup. Also when you get that amount of fats your hunger feelings will go away, hence eating less. Eating less = lose weight. People who do Intermittent Fasting (IF) for up to 72 hours have done it with just using our creamer as is or in coffee during that time.
With Swedish Nektar you will have the convenience of bringing your creamer to work, to coffee shops, anywhere you want and get a smooth nourishing cup of coffee each time.
Swedish Nektar does not contain any hydrogenated oils no artficial flavoring.

Our products will only be sold from this page to start with so come back often to check out or new divine products and come back to order more.

If you are interested in importing larger quantities, contact us.

Bulletproof is  Trademark of Dave Aspey.

Enjoy life fully with a good cup of coffee with LCHF coffee creamer

New tastes for your coffee

We have been working hard to invent new delicious tastes for your coffee and our new taste is absolute delicious, Cinnamon Roll. You have never had a better tasting cup of coffee anywhere in the world.

You can buy any of our delicious coffee creamers on our Etsy store now.

NOTE that we only use real food ingredients. No chemicals, no GMO nothing that usually is bad for you. Creamer does contain MILK products.


Wheat Belly?

A year ago I was diagnosed with high cholesterol, pre-diabetic and slightly overweight. I tried everything they recommended, statin drugs, whole grain and anything else you can think of. First I red all about statin drugs so I stopped taking them because of all the terrible things that could happen to you when taking them. Side effects were not something I wanted.

After some research I came across some info about Wheat Belly and how people have been “cured” by stop eating all grains, sugar and starches. I did that in 11/2015 and lost about 20 lbs right off the bat. It was great! Had some blood work done and got my cholesterol under control, almost.

On Wheat Belly’s Facebook page I noted someone was using coffee with butter and coconut oil in it and started reading about Bulletproof Coffee. Started making it myself and made some great recipes for how it should taste. That became the “Swedish Nektar”.

If you want to lose some serious weight, get your blood pressure and cholesterol under control, try out the Wheat Belly lifestyle. It’s worth every penny!

Eat butter? Are you crazy?

Probably not. New research has shown that eating low fat pructs is bad for you and eating real butter from grass fed cows is really good for you and also, believe it or not, can make you lose weight!

Authority Nutrition has 7 good reasons for you to beat butter.

  1. Butter is Rich in Fat-Soluble Vitamins
  2. Butter Contains a Lot of Healthy Saturated Fats
  3. Butter Lowers Heart Attack Risk Compared to Margarine
  4. Butter is a Good Source of The Fatty Acid Butyrate
  5. Butter is Rich in Conjugated Linoleic Acid
  6. Butter is Associated With a Lower Risk of Obesity
  7. Butter is delicious

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Food renegade says:


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Even AARP knows!
Ninety-nine million Americans have high cholesterol, and most of what they know about their condition is probably wrong. We’ve asked medical experts to weigh in on seven common cholesterol misconceptions.

Myth: Cholesterol is bad

Truth: Cholesterol is like cake, good in moderation. It’s misleading to call cholesterol an evil, artery-clogging fat because cholesterol performs a lot of important functions.

Myth: A low-fat diet is best

Truth: Bring back the butter. Research is challenging the decades-old notion that saturated fat — found primarily in meat, butter and cheese — is the leading cause of clogged arteries and heart disease. While saturated fat does increase LDL (“bad”) cholesterol, it also increases HDL (“good”) cholesterol. Plus, there are other dietary villains — such as too much sugar and carbohydrates — that can also lead to a buildup of artery-clogging particles. A study published last year in theAnnals of Internal Medicine found no link between eating saturated fats and increased risk of heart attacks. Foods high or low in saturated fat can be harmful, beneficial or neutral, depending on the type of food, says Dariush Mozaffarian, M.D., a coauthor of the study and dean of the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy at Tufts University. A low-carb diet — meaning low in foods like white bread, white rice, potatoes, crackers and sugar — is more effective for raising “good” cholesterol and reducing triglycerides, he says. Adding healthy fats, such as nuts and olive oil, can also help reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke

Why use Swedish Nektar™?

For people not into LCHF (low carb – high fat) , Wheat Belly eating and Bulletproof coffee drinking it is hard to understand why someone would even think of adding butter and coconut oil to coffee since we have been taught for the last 50 years that fat is bad for you. We have the worst medical crisis all over the world since starting eating low fat food but finally it is starting to turn around again and one of the new way, well at least most tasteful way, to get a lot of nourishing fats is to put it in your coffee and drink it during the day.

With the right diet you might even lose weight adding real fats since you will eat less. Because of the satiety the fats create will keep you full longer with not many hunger feelings during the day.

With Swedish Nektar™ we have simplified everything for you so you have the convenience to bring your butter and oils you want in your coffe without bringing the ingredients and mix it at work for example.

Our LCHF creamer is very smooth with a taste of vanilla. You can also get the creamer with a hint of cocoa.

Swedish Nektar™ is a great way to get healthy fats first thing in the morning,” says Berry Halaj, a Be Well Health Coach at Eleven Eleven Wellness Center in New York City. Starting the day with healthy fats provides energy, is good for cognitive function, and supports your hormonal system.”
Butter from grass-fed cows supplies a ratio of Omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids that’s far healthier than what comes from conventionally raised livestock (it’s actually similar to the healthy-fat breakdown of fatty fish). Meanwhile, MCTs are a unique form of fat that require less energy and enzymes to be digested when compared to another type of fat known as long-chain triglycerides.

It blows those expensive, sugary lattes out of the water! You will be full of energy, fully focused and clear-thinking, and full in your tummy so you won’t be craving food for hours.

Also, since you nixed the carbs and sugar that are the staple of the typical American breakfast, you won’t have to suffer through that inevitable energy droop that comes when the sugar spike wears off.
The taste is better than a mocha milkshake and the feeling you get from it is the combination of energy plus mental clarity. To top it all off, it’s absolutely fantastic for your overall health.

“The fat from the butter and the oil creates a filling effect, and the coffee’s caffeine helps make fatty acids more available for uptake into fat and muscle tissue, where it can immediately be used as energy,” says Paul Arciero, director of the Human Nutrition and Metabolism Laboratory at Skidmore College. The omega-3 fatty acids in the butter and coconut oil may help reduce inflammation and lower your triglyceride levels, adds Arciero. Research shows the oil specifically can boost your metabolism by up to 5 percent, helping you burn an extra 120 calories a day. And now that research has made it clear that a main contributor to heart disease is sugar – found readily in carb-heavy breakfast foods and juice – and not fat, butter-laced coffee may be the ideal morning meal.

Why LCHF (Low carb, high fat)?

This is from Christine Cronau, the LCHF guru and one of the best.


The low fat craze was supposed to help us lose weight and boost our health, but it has done the opposite. We are now fatter than ever, and our health system is in crisis.

Contrary to popular belief, we have been eating natural, saturated fat for millions of years, without obesity, and without heart disease; these ailments only cropped up in the early 1900s. Why? It’s been blamed on saturated fat, so did we suddenly start eating more? We didn’t. In fact, our saturated fat consumption came down, but we did start producing processed vegetable oils, and we also started mass producing sugar. Between 1890 and 1920, sugar consumption doubled because we saw the birth of the very first confectionery companies.

LCHF is simply a lifestyle that emulates a more natural, ancestral diet; before we adopted low-fat mania. It means less carbohydrates, moderate protein, and plenty of natural fats like butter and coconut oil.


Why LCHF isn’t a diet…Diets are about deprivation. LCHF is about indulgence. Diets are about feeling hungry. LCHF is about feeling satisfied, always. Diets perpetuate fat phobia. LCHF embraces fat. Dieting induces cravings. LCHF does the opposite. Dieting is hard. LCHF is easy. Dieting creates addictions. LCHF cures addictions. Diets often lead to binges. LCHF is about satiety. Diets are pure drudgery. LCHF is fun. Dieting is tasteless. LCHF is delicious. Diets can leave us feeling tired and worn out. LCHF is all about energy. Diets create nutrient deficiencies. LCHF is nourishing. Diets breed failure. LCHF makes success easy. Diets normally see the weight come back. LCHF is for life.

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Bulletproof Coffee™, what is all the hype about?

Bulletproof coffee was invented by a guy named Dave Asprey and he kind of figured out how to get energy from fat when he was up in Tibet drinking coffee with yak fat, just like Sherpas do before a hard days work in the mountains.

He started experimenting with butter, added ordinary coconut oil and then mixing it until he got a good froth. From there he has created Brain Octane and other products as well as a diet. He opened his first coffee shop yesterday in California.

You can make his version of Bulletproof coffee and buy his own brand of coffee as well as his Brain Octane or you can, like many other people that can’t afford his stuff, just make your own, except now you have another option to buy ready made and very affordable Swedish Nektar.

1. Only grass-fed butter has the right fats that regulate cholesterol, not add to it. Grass-fed butter has the best ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids (which reduces body fat) and is a good source of vitamin K, both of which according to a studies reduce the risk of heart disease.2. It provides healthy fats for your brain and body to create cell walls (membranes) and hormones. The short-chain fatty acid Butyrate, once thought to be bad for you, has been linked to preventing neurodegenerative diseases, increased energy expenditure, and is also anti-inflammatory, further preventing heart disease.3. Drinking it each morning puts your body in the routine to burn fat all day, helping you trim down overall. CLA (conjugated linoleic acid), found in grass-fed butter, has been shown to reduce body fat mass especially in overweight individuals.

4. “Bulletproof” coffee will give you energy as well as increase cognitive function that you can literally feel when it kicks in for about six hours- and without the crash. Mixed with more healthy fats from coconut oil, this amped up drink will help produce ketones, which are created when your body creates energy from fat rather than carbohydrates.

5. Two tablespoons of butter in your coffee is all you need to replace a breakfast meal altogether, making this a quick alternative for people on the go. Providing your body with essential fats and calories is a higher performance blend than a carbohydrate source like oatmeal.

When you blend it with coffee, what you get is the most pleasantly creamy drink that you can actually feel energizing your body. But why stop there? If you are going to put the best butter in your coffee, you should have the best of everything. According to bio-hacker and entrepreneur Dave Asprey, who formulated this popular blend, the quality of your coffee beans can make a noticeable difference and adding MCT oil will absolutely boost your brain’s focus in the morning. If your coffee isn’t doing it for you anymore, this is one recipe you’ll want to try.

Now you know how to make it yourself, but why not buy our Swediseh Nektar Creamer and bring it with you anytime you want a good, smooth coffee?